I am not from Australia…

Please allow me to introduce myself. I have many names – precious, beautiful, bad dog, sky baby, sister but I really just prefer Sky. I hail from Texas, not from Australia! I live on the Rockin’P Ranch in Fairview just south of the great Alamo City. I am a herding dog. Some people call me an Aussie, but in fact, my breed, Australian Shepherd, originated on ranches in the Western United States in the early 19th and 20th centuries. The original Basque sheepherders came to the United States from Australia – thus the origin of the name.

I love the ranch life! There is always something to do…sometimes that means I get in trouble but after all, I am only a dog. I have lots of brothers and sisters here on the ranch…I will gradually introduce them to you.


~ by leicaman on February 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “I am not from Australia…”

  1. Hey Sky- you are a very pretty dog, and you are also very lucky to live in Texas. Looking forward to meeting your brothers and sisters.

  2. she also has a nickname:: spoiled! but i love her.

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