More animal house…

Yes there are more friends for you to meet. I have already told you that Miss Piggy is my favorite sibling. I cannot tell you why I love her so much…but I can tell you this, there is a lot of her to love! Mom and Dad told me that when she came to the Rockin’P she was just a little piglet…they could hold her in one hand, do you believe that? The breeders promised Mom and Dad that she would never weigh over ten pounds. RIGHT! Just look at her now…she has to be pushing 200 pounds. I think the reason I like her so much is that she is so helpless…Mom has to feed her constantly, make her bed at night and make sure no other animals bother her during the day. We have had normal sibling arguments in the past, but nothing very serious. I love the way she oinks and squeals!

Her favorite, leftover pasta...

I learned my lesson about being greedy...sharing with Miss Piggy

There are some stories about Miss Piggy here and here

Fast Eddie-the tortoise; taking Spooky for a ride

Walking the fenceline...sweet Sarita in the background

Will and Chill, the Mexican Crested Eagles

Coming in for a landing...

I am saving the best for last…I will introduce you to all the ponies and horses very soon. For those of you craving more information about the Rockin’P check out my Mom’s Blog and my Dad’s Blog


~ by leicaman on February 24, 2010.

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