The weekend…

Just because I am a dog does not mean I do not know the difference between a weekday and Saturday. There are somethings about them that are the same but all in all they are very different. DAD’S HOME! We got to go for a long walk this morning. We just love to get out and run, chase, dig, smell the fresh air and pee and poop in new places! This morning we got to go all the way to the mailbox…round trip about four miles, it was heaven made for a dog…

I am not a Pointer, but I think I saw a Gopher...

Noche always lags behind...I have to go and tell her, COME ON!

What's the name of that song? "Can't fence me in"?

This is what I saw thru the fence...

Run Run Run Run...

Later in the afternoon, after my nap, I got to go in the truck to help my Dad gather firewood. I love riding in the back of the truck…wind in my hair…what fun!

I might see a coyote...

Keep your eyes on the road Dad!!!


~ by leicaman on February 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “The weekend…”

  1. She is such a Luckylady!!!!!!

  2. Lucky Sky! What a wonderful life!

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