My very big sister…

I have already told you that Miss Piggy is my favorite sibling. After reading this story you might understand why. I was in the studio pestering Spooky when I heard Miss Piggy squealing from the kitchen – “Sky! Sky! Help me please.” So being the wonderful sister I am, I hurried into the kitchen and there she was! INSIDE THE HOUSE! I asked her what the hell are you doing in the house…

Sky get me out of here before Mom comes!

Poor Miss Piggy, she is always getting into something. So I yelled at Spooky and the kitty to come quick before Mom found out she was inside…but all of a sudden Mom came around the corner and shouted “Miss Piggy!” I felt so sorry for Miss Piggy, she NEVER gets to stay inside…

Everybody to the rescue...

I guess Mom felt a little sorry for Miss Piggy so she fixed her a quick peanut butter & jelly sandwich and whisked her out the back door…

"See you later Sky"


~ by leicaman on March 3, 2010.

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