Smokey, you just had your ninth life…

There’s just something about this damn cat. I never can catch her! She is usually hanging out in the garage with the others but sometimes I can sneak-up and almost catch her. One time I chased her up a tree and she fell out with a loud KERPLUNK! She high-tailed it back into the garage before I could catch her…I think she must have stayed there for at least two weeks before venturing out again! Anyway, Spooky and I were hanging out the other day and I caught a glimpse of her lurking around the front porch…I took off after her and the race was on! She is pretty quick on her feet! She ended up in the rafters. My poor Dad had to get the step ladder to save her…she was scared and really hesitated but my Dad threw a towel around her and hoped for the best…

I hate you Sky!

I can't jump from here! Help Daddy Tom Pop!

Here Kitty Kitty...

All I’ve got to say is that there will be a next time Smokey. You have no more lives to lose!!! See you soon…


~ by leicaman on April 18, 2010.

One Response to “Smokey, you just had your ninth life…”

  1. poor smokey!

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