Can you keep a secret?

I snuck out of the house last night for the very first time! I was so proud of myself for not waking anybody up…I decided that I would find out once and for all where my favorite Little Miss Piggy sleeps every night. Boy, was I surprised!!! I roamed around the yard for a while and she was no where to be found…I searched the barn and stables and there was no hint that she had been sleeping there. I decided to be really adventurous (even though it was very dark) and explore the county roads and see if she might have her bedroom out in a pasture or along the road…

Where are you Miss Piggy?

All of a sudden there was all this racket in the bushes! I froze in my tracks and had to do a double take! Was that Miss Piggy?

Holy smokes!!!!

No way! There was a whole family Of Little Miss Piggies…Mom, Dad and all the little ones! I asked “Is that you Miss Piggy?” With that , the family ran off into the wild…

Sorry but we don't know Miss Piggy...

Frustrated, I made my way back to the Rockin’P convinced that Miss Piggy has a very secret sleeping place! The sun was just beginning to rise …I am one lucky dog!

Maybe with daybreak I could find her...

I was just preparing to sneak back into the house (everybody was still sleeping) when I saw my cute little sweetie pie in all her radiant beauty sleeping the morning away…

I was here all the time Sky!


~ by leicaman on May 25, 2010.

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