GO Bobcats! Go Bobcats Go…

I never was much on mascots…seems like they are always an animal! Mustangs, Longhorns, Bears, Horned Frogs, Huskies etc. Anyway, Peyton is goin’ all the way to Ohio for college next year. (Mom is very SAD) All the way to Athens which is where Ohio University is. It is supposedly the most haunted college campus  in the United States…the Athens Lunatic Asylum was founded in 1911 and was the home of some very crazy dudes…tradition has it that their ghosts continue to haunt the campus today. I am NEVER goin to visit him in college! Anyway, the mascot for Ohio is the bobcat which can be pretty scary itself if you ever meet one in the wild. (That’s another story…I’ll share someday) I was out explorin’ earlier this week when I literally stumbled upon this Bobcat…I almost went pee pee in my pants! I know I don’t really wear pants but I did almost wet myself…

Check out his teeth...

Was I ever glad he was dead...



~ by leicaman on May 29, 2010.

3 Responses to “GO Bobcats! Go Bobcats Go…”

  1. I bet Spooky killed him !!!!!!

  2. I bet Spooky killed him !!!!!!

  3. Ewwwww, Not a pretty picture but glad it wasn’t alive. You sure are a pretty Aussie. We had one that color a long time ago. Mon just loves Aussies. Thanks so much for visiting our blog. We will come back again.

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