Bad things happen when your’e asleep….

SORRY! I have been very lackadaisical about keeping you updated  on what’s happening  the Rockin’P…it has been a very lazy Summer and I have done my best to stay out of trouble! Speaking of trouble, I knew something was up yesterday morning…

What's that noise?

I turned toward the door and there was my Dad running outside screaming “The horses are out! The horses are out!” It is very comforting to know that there are others who are bad and can get in trouble too…anyway, they somehow had managed to open the gate to their pasture – who knew where they were! Pony Boy probably instigated the entire caper…Mom and Dad loaded up the truck with some sweet feed and headed down the road in search of those escape convicts. (Fortunately, the Longhorns didn’t get out – they are so good it makes me sick – they never get in trouble!) The horses were soon located; they went to visit our neighbor, Linda – we just hope they didn’t wake her up…

You better get home!

I tried to convince Mom and Dad that I could have rounded them up by myself…they are pretty hard-headed and insist something crazy like I might get kicked in the head…well maybe they are right…I don’t think I would like to get in front of these WILD horses…


~ by leicaman on July 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “Bad things happen when your’e asleep….”

  1. Oh our Mom remembers that days that the horses would get out. We would try to round them up but our Mom wouldn’t let us herd the horses either. She had seen too many get kicked really badly. Glad the humans caught them

  2. flying hooves are no fun, Sky Baby!!!!!!

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