Day trip…

I won! I won! To bad Spooky, Noche and Oakie – I won fair and square and I got to go to the beach! I never know where we are goin’ when I get into the truck…usually, it is something awful like having to go to the vet and get shots! I was really surprised this weekend when  we ended up in Rockport. It is a dog lover’s paradise. I got to run, bird watch, meet new friends and hang low with Mom and Dad. I LOVED being at the beach!

Bird watching...

Look Sky!!

Seagulls were everywhere...

Me and my Dad...

I CAN jump, but not this high...

Two of my new friends...

I slept all the way home…Mom said we had to tell all the other dogs that we were at the Vets, so they wouldn’t be jealous ( I told Spooky the truth – she was furious! HA! HA! Spooky knows now that I am the favorite…)


~ by leicaman on August 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Day trip…”

  1. […] times to cool her off in the shade and a drink of water. Sky talks about the trip in her own blog here. Leicalady visited a cute little bead store, Jack in the Bead Stalk. We really did nothing but […]

  2. Everybody sure made a fuss about how beautiful you are, Sky!!!!

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