Where’s the sun?

This is what I wanna see! Sun in the sunrise!

I must be dreaming. I swear its been a week since me and my sisters have seen the sun here at the Rockin’P! Rain, rain and more rain. Pitter patter pitter patter. I am sick of it. I cannot go outside and do any of my chores. I bet I haven’t jumped the fence in over six days. I don’t mind sleeping in my parent’s bed though…I get scared sometimes when it rains. Anyway, we have tried to make the best of the rainy day schedules…my siblings and I have played lots of board games…dogopoly, apples to apples – but we call it bones to bones, and clue. Spooky is pretty good at clue, she can sniff out anything!

Spooky, lookin' for the sun...

Oakie, the perfect little man - never complains...

Noche, she thinks she's a princess

That's me! Bored but lovin' the couch...

I actually have a new sister. If you wanna read about her click here. Her name is Flaca. (Spanish for skinny) She has been hanging around on the porch during this rainy season…she’s an outside dog…for now.


~ by leicaman on January 16, 2011.

One Response to “Where’s the sun?”

  1. Sorry it is so rainy there. Love the pictures of all of you. Noche, you do look very much like a princess.Oakie, you are so cute. Our Mom had a horse whose name was Oakie a long time ago. All of you are very cute. Take care and have a great Sunday.

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