Flacacita bonita…

We first met about fifteen pounds ago. She came out of the woods starved and skinny! (Flaca is Spanish for skinny) She took one look at Miss Piggy and decided this was going to be her new home. Mom & Dad at first hesitated – four dogs is enough they said. Long story short – that was a couple of months ago and I am announcing today that it is official…Flaca is my new best friend!


She is beautiful!


Before she arrived the only playmates I had were Noche, Spooky and Oakie. Noche does not like to run much…Spooky is to small(and she stinks!)…Oakie is to old. I still love them but they are just not much on playing!


Sometimes I go for long walks by myself. It gets lonely out there. Sure I see other animals but mostly just cows and birds…

All by myself...


Now when we go on our walks I have a sidekick that I can share my adventures with…



Flaca and yours truly...


She loves the pond as much as I do…



Run Flaca run!


Now when we go on our walks I finally have somebody that might get into trouble besides me! Click HERE to read about my trespassing experience. Anyway I am so happy she found the Rockin’P…I know we will have lots of future stories…I promise to keep you posted!



Come on Flaca! Let's play...



Everybody but Noche, the Queen












~ by leicaman on March 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “Flacacita bonita…”

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  2. You are blessed to have a family that adores you….Miss Skye

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